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REDS On/Off-Road RTX Rotary Backplate (3.5cc Engine)

REDS On/Off-Road RTX Rotary Backplate (3.5cc Engine)

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REDS Racing RTX - Friction Reducing Rotating Backplate


The REDS On/Off-Road RTX Rotary Backplate is a revolutionary backplate designed to increase engine power and stability. Developed by Marco and Mario Rossi, each backplate is precision made to extremely tight tolerances for optimum fitment. By reducing the friction within the engine, the engine RPM's will build faster and the engine idle speed will be more stable. Experience true Italian performance by adding the REDS RTX Backplate to your REDS .21 Nitro Engine.

Contrary to traditional RC engines, where the connecting rod slides on the backplate producing sliding friction, the RTX Backplate allows the backplate to rotate together with the connecting rod.


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