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O.S. P3 Gold Turbo Glow Plug "Ultra Hot" (1)

O.S. P3 Gold Turbo Glow Plug "Ultra Hot" (1)

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The O.S. P3 Gold "Ultra Hot" Turbo Glow Plug glow plugs have always been tough enough to take the heat — and Speed P3 and P4 Gold Turbo Plugs with 24K gold plating take O.S. innovation to new levels! They’re the perfect complement for .18-.28 cu. in. turbo head off-road racing engines. The gleaming gold appearance makes these plugs really stand out, while commemorating O.S.’s 80th anniversary. Even more important, Speed P3 and P4 plugs boast many performance upgrades.



Easier to tune

More low-to-middle range power

Quicker throttle response

Faster acceleration

Better mileage

Crisper idling, with a difference you can hear

Increased longevity

Speed P3 ideal for ultra-hot applications; Speed P4 ideal for super-hot applications

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