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JConcepts Razor 1/8 Off Road Wing

JConcepts Razor 1/8 Off Road Wing

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This is the JConcepts Razor 1/8 Off Road Wing. Designed to take on this rigors of 1/8th sale racing this fresh offering from JConcepts gives modern performance in an aggressive looking package. The Razor has been modeled after their 1/10th polycarbonate off road wings, using a single vertical direction side-dam incorporated into the base wing providing a little freedom during highspeed turning and 180-degree corners. The leading edge of the dams are angled to slide through the air with ease, while the base of the wing has multiple heights allowing the wing to sit lower on the vehicle due to a lowered center section. On each side of the lowered section, tall center dividers channel the air and help maintain stability.

A very tall rear dam transitions twice to improve forward grip, helping your vehicle feel very comfortable in choppy and loose conditions. Underneath, the wing has a performance core with center fin and light-weight pocketing to reduce the overall weight. The Razor wing has pre-marked locations to allow the opening of the rear dam to allow more wind flow and air to escape during jumping. This allows racers to easily add holes to the back of the wing with hand trimming, giving you another tuning option. Lastly a grid is positioned on the bottom and molded into the design to allow the racer to mount the wing squarely and accurately to just about any 1/8th off-road vehicle. Developed to provide extreme performance while adding aggressive looks to your 1/8th vehicle, JConcepts has delivered yet again!

  • JConcepts single vertical side-dam creation
  • Angled leading edge, radiused corners for less resistance
  • Dropped center section for lower center of mass
  • Tall center dividers for tracking stability
  • Mimicked fang treatment
  • Recessed, IFMAR legal side-dams
  • Lower pocketing to reduce overall weight
  • Durable design and materials
  • Molded grid located on the bottom to guide user attachment
  • (1) Razor 1/8 Off Road Wing 
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