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Mbx8 And 8r 3.2mm Rear Anti-Roll Bar

Mbx8 And 8r 3.2mm Rear Anti-Roll Bar

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This is a Mugen 3.2mm rear anti-roll bar, and is intended for use with the Mugen MBX8 and MBX8R 1/8 scale vehicles.

Effects of Rear Roll Bar Adjustment Stiffness Characteristic Softer

  • Increased Rear Chassis Roll
  • Increased Rear Traction
  • Decreased Front Traction
  • Decreases On Power Steering (May Cause Understeer)
  • Decreased Rear Chassis Roll
  • Decreased Rear Traction
  • Increased On Power Steering (May Cause Oversteer)
  • Quicker Steering Response in High Speed Chicanes


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