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Mbx8, 8r And Mbx7 2.4mm Rear Anti-Roll Bar

Mbx8, 8r And Mbx7 2.4mm Rear Anti-Roll Bar

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Mugen MBX8R 2.4mm Rear Anti-Roll Bar. Package includes one optional rear roll bar. This 2.4mm bar is .3 smaller than the stock 2.7mm bar, and is the softest rear roll bar option.   

Effects of Rear Roll Bar Adjustment Stiffness Characteristic Softer

  • Increased Rear Chassis Roll
  • Increased Rear Traction
  • Decreased Front Traction
  • Decreases On Power Steering (May Cause Understeer)


  • Decreased Rear Chassis Roll
  • Decreased Rear Traction
  • Increased On Power Steering (May Cause Oversteer)
  • Quicker Steering Response in High Speed Chicanes


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