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Bittydesign "Zefirus" Lexan 1/8 Buggy & Truggy Wing (Clear)

Bittydesign "Zefirus" Lexan 1/8 Buggy & Truggy Wing (Clear)

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From the masters of paint, Bittydesign introduces the "Zefirus" Lexan Wing - designed for use with 1/8 buggies and truggies.


Designed with modern and aggressive styling, the Zefirus is a lightweight wing made from polycarbonate resin material, which, when compared to an ordinary plastic wing, reduces weight with little to no penalty in rigidity. Testing has found that the reduced high-mounted weight helps the vehicle generate speed in small and low speed corners, while also assisting vehicle stability in high speed sections.


The Zefirus Lexan Wing features adjustable downforce to be tuned to suit a variety of conditions, vehicles and driver preferences. By using an optional wickerbill, long or short gurney flap or various air cutouts, you can shape the air forces experienced by the wing. Of course, the wing can also be used without any additions for the lowest weight possible.



Made from lightweight Lexan material

Universally fits 1/8 buggies & truggies

Protective film installed

Highly adjustable

Available clear or pre-painted

Developed and made in Italy

Available Zefirus Models:


BDY-ZEF-C: Clear

BDY-ZEF-B: Black (Pre-Painted)

BDY-ZEF-W: White (Pre-Painted)

BDY-ZEF-Y: Yellow (Pre-Painted)



1/8 Lexan Wing (not trimmed)

Decal Sheet


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